Roger Martin Maitre Restaurateur

The Maître Restaurateur is a qualified professional, committed on more than 30 criteria: certified homemade cuisine, fresh products, quality service, dishes, decoration. This title is awarded by the Prefect after a control audit.

French Association of Maîtres Restaurateurs

Restaurant La Flibuste

3 Fourchettes et une Assiette au Guide Michelin 2018

Three Forks and a Plate Guide Michelin 2018
Guide Michelin
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Eugénie Béziat, cheffe au restaurant La Flibuste à Villeneuve-Loubet

Eugénie Béziat

After a formation in the most beautiful starred restaurants of France, the Chef Eugénie Béziat has taken in charge the kitchen for a new project. A refined cuisine with pronounced flavors and an alliance of original and balanced tastes.