• The Mediterranean bonito
    Served as an aiguillete with roselle jelly, smoked mint oil. Cow milk curd with lime. Crisp millet in grains. Candied ginger.
  • Foie gras mille-feuille
    Foie gras by Mr DUPERIER, seasoned with kaffir lime home-grown in Vence and crushed peanuts from Gabon. Oven-cooked celery from Provence Crisp wheat leaf. Uncooked Granny Smith apple and Chateclerc Zefir.
  • Gamberoni
    Prawn served open, marinated in green cardamom and green papaya. Spider crab maki, red banana and Ylang-Ylang. Roasted head bisque crémeux
  • Le caviar

    Ultra fresh and natural Russian sturgeon caviar from the family-run establishment CaviarPlaces
    30 gr. : 98€, 50 gr. : 168€, 100 gr. : 355€
    With advance order:  250 gr : 840€, 500 gr : 1685€

    We also propose Beluga Caviar to order*

  • • Inspirations
    Our chef is at your disposal for vegetarian and vegan inspirations.


  • Vosges quail
    Fully-deboned roasted Vosges quail with offal stuffing, date honey, coriander and osmanthus. Gascogne chickpea mousseline with ewe yoghurt from the Gourdan sheepfold. Gravy from the carcasses.
  • Cians trout
    Cians trout with Scots pine milk, creamy green and full lentils from Provence. Crisp brown algae and salicornia zabaione. 17-hour candied pork breast with Sallagriffon mountain honey.
  • Milk-fed veal
    Limousin suckling veal fillet shaped in to a ballotine with a gremolata. Grilled sweet potato mousseline tortellini. Candied Marielle kumquat with olive oil and gravy, flavoured with natural extract of tobacco leaves.
  • Ray wing
    Nut-coloured ray wing with Gillardeau n° 2 oyster tartar and candied roasted lemon. Ratte potato mash with Bourbon vanilla oil and crisp lily rose. Market-sourced sorrel line
  • Calf sweetbread
    French calf sweetbread, candied with concentrated carrot juice. Blood carrot tapioca and country-coloured carrot shoots, glazed with Calabria liquorice butter. Veal gravy infused with liquorice roots.
  • Mediterranean dentex
    Slightly home-smoked fillet, roasted buckwheat viennoise. Young cauliflower cooked in salt, red cabbage fermented in lactic acid, concentrated fish soup and beer-flavoured focaccia.
  • Catch of the day (depending on availability)
    11€ / 100gr
    Fish cooked in three different ways, depending on our chef’s inspiration, or whole-cooked: grilled or roasted.


  • The soufflé
    Piémont almond praline soufflé with a heart of toffee and nut, caramel ice-cream.
  • Jerusalem artichoke
    12-hour candied Jerusalem artichoke capriccio with ginger syrup, Jerusalem artichoke crémeux, peanut crémeux and caramelised peanuts. Ginger sorbet and Timur berries. Chips of French meringue.
  • Citrus
    Garnished milk-glass: one with a thyme-lemon crémeux, the other with a kaffir lime crémeux. Fresh and candied citrus, Menton orange sorbet and Erdre saffron.
  • The Lotus
    Guanaja chocolate petal, roasted Victoria pineapple with black treacle, cinnamon and badian. Brioche as French toast, piña colada sorbet and spicy custard sauce.
  • Delicious finger food depending on the chef’s inspiration and the availability of market produce
  • Selection of home-made ice-cream and sorbet
  • Plate of ripened cheese